Cerazirk LD Filter

Cerazirk LD – that is the new and highly innovative ceramic foam filter for all types of steel casting.

The Cerazirk LD filter has some major advantages over common filtration solutions.

Cerazirk LD filters offer an improved filter capacity over ZrO2-based filters. Furthermore, the risk of freezing effects at lower casting temperatures is greatly reduced, due to the lower material density of Cerazirk LD filters.

Finally, Cerazirk LD filters have an innovative surface coating, which increases the filtration efficiency. The Cerazirk LD filter removes e.g. Al2O3 particles, Al-Mg spinels, Iron Oxides and - in case of application in ductile iron - Magnesium Oxide particles very efficiently from the melt - much more efficient compared to other filter materials.