Cerazirk ZrO2 Filter

Cerazirk®ZrO2 ceramic foam filters are used in cast steel, super alloy, cast iron and large iron casting applications. The filter is suitable for all types of steel alloys, as well as nickel-and cobalt-based alloys. The temperature stability of ZrO2 Cerazirk filters is 1700° C.

Because of the excellent thermal and mechanical capacity of the material used on the basis of stabilised ZrO2, our proven Cerazirk ZrO2 filters are also highly suitable for applications in large cast iron with higher casting weights.

Due to the excellent chemical resistance of ZrO2 Cerazirk, this filter can also be found in magnesium casting applications, as the filter is resistant to liquid magnesium.

Cerazirk®ZrO2 filters are available in all standard sizes, their standard porosity is PPI 10. Of course, you can also request special customised sizes and porosities of up to 50 PPI.