Drache Fused Silica

Drache Fused Silica (DFS) is a refractory material optimised for use in Aluminium casting. It was developed specifically for this purpose by Drache. Typical components made of DFS include, for example, filterbox inserts and launder segments.

Drache Fused Silica has excellent thermal shock resistance and excellent strength, combined with a relatively low thermal conductivity and a density of < 2 g/cm3. In addition, the material is characterised by a very good non-wettability, as well as its excellent chemical resistance to all Aluminium alloys, including 7xxx aircraft alloys, 5xxx alloys with a high Mg content and Al-Li alloys.

Components made of the proven Drache Fused Silica are made in customer-specific and application-specific geometries, and are cast, dried and fired in-house, so they are ready for immediate use on delivery.