No hot metal for us: permanent innovation.

Many claim to be innovative. We are innovative. We do not stop with our own developments, but also constantly seek to take everything we have developed further to an optimum level, in collaboration with renowned institutes and research facilities.

Ceramics and metals are constantly changing. We adapt everything we have developed again and again according to changing requirements.
New developments in metals are repeatedly tested and alloys are further developed, with our own specially created pilot projects. There are three ceramic R&D engineers as well as a laboratory assistant in our company employed.

We have already demonstrated innovation in many areas. Thus, a large number of materials, wich are in use today and established in the global market, have been developed in our own R&D department. We continuously optimise existing products in order to achieve the best application properties.

As early as 1989, we introduced the Original Duplex Filter, which still combines two porosities in one filter. Other established in-house developments include the Ceralu® Al2O3 filter, the Cerazirk® ZrO2 filter, the Cerazirk LD filter, the Cerapor® LD filter and the Cerasic® SiC filter. In the area of ceramics, the Drache Fused Silica, the Fused Silica Fine and Fused Silica LD are some of our proven solutions.

However, our innovations are not limited to ceramic components and filters. Drache also offers innovations in engineering for filterboxes and launder systems, which are characterised by a long service life, minimal heat loss and highly efficient, robust, pre-heating systems. For the Aluminium foundries, we have developed a crucible furnace with a more future-oriented energy efficiency when compared to conventional solutions.

If innovations for you are not hot metal, we can work together!