For us, responsibility is more than a mere formality.

As a future-oriented company, we are happy to take responsibility for the welfare of our customers and employees. Also, the respectful, environmentally-friendly approach and use of resources are important to us.

Of course, as an international company, we meet the German, as well as all EU, directives. Occupational safety and ease of use are a given for us. Thus, all machines in our production sites are tested internally and externally by the professional association in annual audits.

The fact that our filterboxes stay cooler on the outside is a side effect that affects not only the safety, but also the improved quality and durability of the product. Energy efficiency is not only an issue in the systems and products of our customers, but also in our production halls themselves. Therefore, we use the excess heat of the furnaces in an energy efficient manner.

If responsibility is more than a mere formality for you, get to know us!