Our company offers to perform simulations for the casting as a service. The simulation can be performed for all standard casting processes, such as sand casting, shell mould casting, investment casting, permanent mould casting and low-pressure die casting. In principle, the simulation can be performed for all common cast metals, such as cast steel, cast iron (GJS, GJL, CGI, GJX), Aluminium alloys and various copper,
magnesium alloys and superalloys.

Drache uses SolidCast and FlowCast as simulation software, with the calculations performed using the finite difference method (FDM).

Solidification simulation

In the simulation of solidification, the pure solidification process of the cast is simulated. The simulation produces the following results, among other things:

  • Solidification time
  • Solidification process
  • Density distribution after solidification
  • Display of porosity / blowholes
  • Module distribution in the cast

The solidification simulation can be carried out optionally preceded by a mould filling simulation. The solidification simulation can be used, for example, to optimise the size and placement of feeders.

Mould filling simulation

In the mould filling simulation, the flow of metal when filling the mould is simulated. Depending on the desired level of detail and necessity, various algorithms can be used to calculate the mould filling.

Based on the mould filling simulation and the resulting temperature distribution, a subsequent solidification simulation can be performed. If you have questions regarding the topic of simulation for mould casting, the Drache team is naturally at your disposal.